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My name is Maryam and I'm 21. I'm currently a junior in college and an English Lit. major. Art. Anime. Manga. Comics. Video Games.


date a tall boy with black hair. date a boy who will hate the world with you. date a boy who drinks tea and will sit with you by the fire. date a boy with honour. date a boy who needs to capture the avatar to restore his honour. date prince zuko.

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deliciouspineapple asked: Imagine Vivienne and Dorian getting extremely pissy when they don't get to make the coolest mage characters with the top tier spells. Imagine Sera making a big burly half-orc warrior and she can steamroll through a battlefield with an insane buff on her from nerdy cleric Iron Bull.


[sera] “i want to be an ogre”

[josephine/dungeon master] “you can’t be an ogre they’re a non-playable class sera”

[sera] “and i want to be called andraste the ogre, collector of blood”

[josephine] …

[sera] “and i want iron bull to be my faithful steed”

[iron bull] “what is that supposed to mean



i’m so ready for cullen’s d

elightful appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition! I’m incredibly excited to hear what fascinating strategic advice he will have to share and it will be wonderful to learn more about him and his story! He’s a very tragic and interesting character who is sure to undergo much development in this next Dragon Age title. Definitely looking forward to him and his romance A+++

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Moustaches were 50% off at the Wonders of Thedas and we are honestly willing to do whatever because we fear for our lives.


Definitely-Not-The-Grey-Wardens Amell and Alistair

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guys complain about girls making duckfaces while posting selfies where they’re biting their lip and squinting lookin like they’re tryna read something in size 3 font lmfao

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